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Stratton Ridge Project

The Stratton Ridge Project provides shippers with firm transportation service to deliver new incremental production from the growing shale plays to train 3 for Freeport LNG.

It includes receipts from M1, ETX and STX and a delivery to Stratton Ridge in Brazoria County, Texas.

Map of Stratton Ridge Project
  •   Project Path
  •   Texas Eastern Transmission
  •   Brazoria Interconnector Gas Pipeline
  •   Freeport LNG
  •   Station
  •   Stratton Ridge Meter Station
  •   City
  • Project Status

  • Evaluation
  • Signed Agreements
  • Regulatory Review
  • Regulatory Approval
  • Under Construction
  • In-Service

The Stratton Ridge Project entered into a purchase and sale agreement to acquire from ConocoPhillips Company 100% of the equity interests in Brazoria Interconnector Gas Pipeline, LLC (BIG), which owns the BIG Pipeline.

The BIG Pipeline is a 42-inch natural gas pipeline in Brazoria County, Texas, with a capacity of approximately 1.8 billion cubic feet per day. It extends 30.5 miles between Stratton Ridge on its south end to a point near Iowa Colony in northern Brazoria County.

The newly acquired BIG Pipeline will be a component of the Stratton Ridge Project, an expansion project of the Texas Eastern Transmission pipeline system to deliver up to 400,000 dekatherms per day of natural gas to Stratton Ridge, Texas. The Stratton Ridge Project, including the BIG Pipeline acquisition, has an expected capital expenditure of approximately $200 million and is anticipated to be in service the first quarter of 2019.

The acquisition is expected to close in the second quarter of 2016, subject to certain conditions precedent being met.

  • Filed FERC application on February 3, 2017
  • In-service first half 2019
  • Modification of three mainline compressor stations and installation of two new compressor stations
  • Brazoria Interconnector Gas Pipeline (“BIG”) to be acquired to connect Texas Eastern mainline to Stratton Ridge in lieu of constructing a new 16.2 mile lateral (BIG is a 30.5 mile 42” intrastate pipeline with 5 interconnects, currently connected to Stratton Ridge)

For more information, please call our landowner hotline at 866-593-3502 to discuss any questions or to seek additional information.

For media inquiries, please contact 866-761-5400. For other inquiries, please contact Devin Hotzel.