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U.S. Natural Gas Pipeline Locator

The map that results from zip code searches provides an approximate location of U.S. Transmission natural gas pipeline(s) in your area.

The content of this map is for information purposes and does not provide satisfactory detail for planning excavations or construction near pipelines.

Pipeline markers on the right of way provide phone numbers to call to reach our personnel before excavating near our pipeline(s).

To locate a pipeline, perform a search now

Disclaimer: This application uses the free Silverlight plug-in. Silverlight is a powerful development tool for creating interactive mapping applications and is compatible with most Windows & Mac OS browsers. If your browser does not have the Silverlight plug-in installed, you will be prompted to install it on opening the application. You can also install the plug-in and get the list of compatible browsers.

Call 811 before conducting any excavation or similar activity because pipeline(s)or other underground facilities could be in the vicinity. You may also contact your state's one-call system by dialing 1-888-258-0808 to get the toll free number.

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