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Page 8 - Board of Directors

SPECTRA ENERGY PARTNERS, LP filed this Form 8-K on 1/22/2018



(b)          the amount of any cash reserves (or the Partnership’s proportionate share of cash reserves in the case of Subsidiaries that are not wholly owned) established by the General Partner to (i) provide for the proper conduct of the business of the Partnership Group (including reserves for future capital expenditures, for anticipated future credit needs of the Partnership Group and for refunds of collected rates reasonably likely to be refunded as a result of a settlement or hearing relating to FERC rate proceedings) subsequent to such Quarter, (ii) comply with applicable law or any loan agreement, security agreement, mortgage, debt instrument or other agreement or obligation to which any Group Member is a party or by which it is bound or its assets are subject or (iii) provide funds for distributions in respect of any one or more of the next four Quarters; provided, however, that disbursements made by a Group Member or cash reserves established, increased or reduced after the end of such Quarter but on or before the date of determination of Available Cash with respect to such Quarter shall be deemed to have been made, established, increased or reduced, for purposes of determining Available Cash, within such Quarter if the General Partner so determines.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, “Available Cash” with respect to the Quarter in which the Liquidation Date occurs and any subsequent Quarter shall equal zero.


Board of Directors” means the board of directors or managers of a corporation or limited liability company or the board of directors or board of managers of the general partner of a limited partnership, as applicable.


Book-Tax Disparity” means with respect to any item of Contributed Property or Adjusted Property, as of the date of any determination, the difference between the Carrying Value of such Contributed Property or Adjusted Property and the adjusted basis thereof for federal income tax purposes as of such date. A Partner’s share of the Partnership’s Book-Tax Disparities in all of its Contributed Property and Adjusted Property will be reflected by the difference between such Partner’s Capital Account balance as maintained pursuant to Section 5.3 and the hypothetical balance of such Partner’s Capital Account computed as if it had been maintained strictly in accordance with federal income tax accounting principles.


Business Day” means Monday through Friday of each week, except that a legal holiday recognized as such by the government of the United States of America or the State of Texas shall not be regarded as a Business Day.


Capital Account” means the capital account maintained for a Partner pursuant to Section 5.3. The “Capital Account” of a Partner in respect of a Common Unit or any other Partnership Interest shall be the amount that such Capital Account would be if such Common Unit or other Partnership Interest were the only interest in the Partnership held by such Partner from and after the date on which such Common Unit or other Partnership Interest was first issued.


Capital Contribution” means any cash, cash equivalents or the Net Agreed Value of Contributed Property that a Partner contributes to the Partnership.


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