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Page 16 - Per Unit Capital Amount

SPECTRA ENERGY PARTNERS, LP filed this Form 8-K on 1/22/2018



Per Unit Capital Amount” means, as of any date of determination, the Capital Account, stated on a per Unit basis, underlying any Unit held by a Person other than the General Partner or any Affiliate of the General Partner who holds Units.


Percentage Interest” means (a) as to any Unitholder or Assignee holding Units, the quotient obtained by dividing (i) the number of Units held by such Unitholder or Assignee, as the case may be, by (ii) the total number of all Outstanding Units, and (b) as to the holders of other Partnership Securities issued by the Partnership in accordance with Section 5.4, the percentage established as a part of such issuance. The Percentage Interest with respect to the General Partner Interest shall at all times be zero.


Person” means an individual or a corporation, firm, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, trust, unincorporated organization, association, government agency or political subdivision thereof or other entity.


Pro Rata” means (a) when used with respect to Units or any class thereof, apportioned equally among all designated Units in accordance with their relative Percentage Interests, and (b) when used with respect to Partners and Assignees or Record Holders, apportioned among all Partners and Assignees or Record Holders in accordance with their relative Percentage Interests.


Purchase Date” means the date determined by the General Partner as the date for purchase of all Outstanding Limited Partner Interests of a certain class (other than Limited Partner Interests owned by the General Partner and its Affiliates) pursuant to Article XV.


Quarter” means, unless the context requires otherwise, a fiscal quarter of the Partnership, or, with respect to the fiscal quarter of the Partnership which includes the Closing Date, the portion of such fiscal quarter after the Closing Date.


Recapture Income” means any gain recognized by the Partnership (computed without regard to any adjustment required by Section 734 or Section 743 of the Code) upon the disposition of any property or asset of the Partnership, which gain is characterized as ordinary income because it represents the recapture of deductions previously taken with respect to such property or asset.


Record Date” means the date established by the General Partner or otherwise in accordance with this Agreement for determining (a) the identity of the Record Holders entitled to notice of, or to vote at, any meeting of Limited Partners or entitled to vote by ballot or give approval of Partnership action in writing without a meeting or entitled to exercise rights in respect of any lawful action of Limited Partners or (b) the identity of Record Holders entitled to receive any report or distribution or to participate in any offer.


Record Holder” means the Person in whose name a Common Unit is registered on the books of the Transfer Agent as of the opening of business on a particular Business Day, or with respect to other Partnership Interests, the Person in whose name any such other Partnership Interest is registered on the books that the General Partner has caused to be kept as of the opening of business on such Business Day.


Spectra Energy Partners, LP has been acquired by Enbridge Inc. For additional information on the transaction, please review the following quick links.

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