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Page 9 - Other Definitional Provisions

SPECTRA ENERGY PARTNERS, LP filed this Form 8-K on 1/22/2018



Section 1.4           Other Definitional Provisions.  Unless the express context otherwise requires: 


(a)          The word “day” means calendar day;


(b)          the words “hereof”, “herein”, and “hereunder” and words of similar import, when used in this Agreement, shall refer to this Agreement as a whole and not to any particular provision of this Agreement;


(c)          the terms defined in the singular have a comparable meaning when used in the plural and vice versa;


(d)          the terms “Dollars” and “$” mean United States Dollars;


(e)          references herein to a specific Article, Section, Subsection or Exhibit shall refer, respectively, to Articles, Sections, Subsections or Exhibits of this Agreement;


(f)           wherever the word “include”, “includes”, or “including” is used in this Agreement, it shall be deemed to be followed by the words “without limitation”;


(g)          references herein to any gender include the other gender;


(h)          references in this Agreement to the “United States” mean the United States of America and its territories and possessions;


(i)           the word “extent” in the phrase “to the extent” shall mean the degree to which a subject or other thing extends and such phrase shall not mean simply “if”; and


(j)           except as otherwise specifically provided in this Agreement, any agreement, instrument or statute defined or referred to herein means such agreement, instrument or statute as from time to time amended, supplemented or modified, including (i) in the case of agreements or instruments) by waiver or consent and (in the case of statutes) by succession of comparable successor statutes and (ii) all attachments thereto and instruments incorporated therein.


Article II



Section 2.1            Closing.  On the terms and subject to the conditions set forth herein, on the date hereof simultaneously with the execution and delivery of this Agreement, the Parties will consummate the Transactions (the “Closing”) by taking the actions set forth in Section 2.2 and Section 2.3. 


Spectra Energy Partners, LP has been acquired by Enbridge Inc. For additional information on the transaction, please review the following quick links.

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