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Greater Philadelphia Expansion Project

As with much of the Northeast, Philadelphia’s energy demands are increasing, particularly for natural gas.

Yet limited infrastructure capabilities hinder the ability to meet those demands, despite the abundance of domestic natural gas in the nearby shale formations. To meet these challenges head on, Spectra Energy is proposing the Greater Philadelphia Expansion Project, which will create a scalable platform to address the region’s natural gas needs by upgrading and expanding its existing infrastructure to provide more natural gas to the area.

  •   Project Path
  •   Philadelphia Lateral
  •   Texas Eastern Transmission
  •   Station
  •   Junction
  •   City

Project Benefits


Our solution avoids the need for significant greenfield construction.

Directly Accessible

Pennsylvania’s abundance of domestic, clean-burning natural gas is no secret, and is a boon for the entire state.


We are well positioned to offer access to supply through existing interconnects with major interstate  pipelines.

Regional Delivery

Our last-mile connectivity via key regional delivery points helps maximize reliability and minimize price volatility.

  • Project Status

  • Evaluation
  • Signed Agreements
  • Regulatory Review
  • Regulatory Approval
  • Under Construction
  • In-Service