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Salem Lateral Project

The Salem Lateral Project will create the pipeline capacity necessary to deliver affordable supplies of clean-burning natural gas from our existing Algonquin Gas Transmission pipeline system to the Salem Harbor Station facility, which Footprint Power Salem Harbor Development, LP will redevelop into a natural gas-fired electric generating plant.

Using safe, reliable and secure natural gas supplies, Footprint’s Salem Harbor Station – located in Salem, Massachusetts – will produce electricity, supporting the power grid in Northeast Massachusetts and providing significant environmental benefits to the region.

The 1.2-mile Salem Lateral Project will be constructed primarily within Beverly Harbor, Collins Cove and the City of Salem, industrial properties and Footprint's property to minimize impacts to landowners, the community and the environment.

Map of Salem Lateral Project
  •   Proposed Salem Lateral Path
  •   Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline (U.S.)
  •   Algonquin Gas Transmission
  •   New Gas-fired Power Plant
  •   Meter Station
  •   City
  • Project Status

  • Evaluation
  • Signed Agreements
  • Regulatory Review
  • Regulatory Approval
  • Under Construction
  • In-Service