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Michael G. Morris

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Michael G. Morris

Retired Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Electric Power

Michael G. Morris was appointed as a Director to the Board of Directors of Spectra Energy Partners GP, LLC in February 2017 and serves on the Audit Committee and the Conflicts Committee. Prior to the merger of Spectra Energy Corp with Enbridge, Inc., Mr. Morris served as a Director of Spectra Energy Corp from 2013 to February 2017. Mr. Morris also served American Electric Power Company, Inc. (AEP) as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer beginning in January 2004; he retired as Chief Executive Officer of AEP in November 2011 and as Chairman of AEP in December 2013. He served as a director of AEP until April 2014. Prior to joining AEP, Mr. Morris was Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Northeast Utilities System from 1997 to 2003. Mr. Morris brings experience to our Board of Directors as a seasoned executive who has been responsible for the management of complex, regulated business operations in the energy industry.

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