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Nora M. Brownell

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Nora M. Brownell

Co-founder and Principal of ESPY Energy Solutions, LLC

Nora Mead Brownell was appointed as a Director to the Board of Directors of Spectra Energy Partners GP, LLC in May 2007 and serves on the Audit Committee and the Conflicts Committee. Ms. Brownell also currently serves on the Board of Directors of National Grid plc and Tangent Energy Solutions, a private next generation energy services resource. Ms. Brownell is co-founder and principal of ESPY Energy Solutions, LLC, a woman-owned independent energy consulting company. In May 2001, Ms. Brownell was confirmed as Commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) where she served until the expiration of her term in June 2006. Prior to the FERC, Ms. Brownell served as a member of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission from 1997 to 2001. Ms. Brownell was elected to serve as a director because she brings a diverse background that includes experience in business, finance and the regulatory arenas.

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