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John K. Whelen

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John K. Whelen

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Enbridge

John K. Whelen was appointed as a Director to the Board of Directors of Spectra Energy Partners GP, LLC in February 2017. Mr. Whelen is also a director of Enbridge Energy Company, Inc. and Enbridge Energy Management, LLC. Mr. Whelen has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Enbridge, Inc. since October 2014. Previously Enbridge’s Senior Vice President and Controller, Mr. Whelen retained executive leadership for Enbridge’s financial reporting function, while assuming responsibility for Enbridge’s tax and treasury functions. Mr. Whelen has been part of Enbridge since 1992, when he assumed the Manager of Treasury role at Consumers Gas (now Enbridge Gas Distribution). Mr. Whelen has developed extensive experience in capital markets during his time at Enbridge.

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