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Accident Storage Field

Accident Storage Field, located in Accident, Maryland, stores 18.3 Bcf of natural gas in a depleted reservoir – an underground field that once had produced, but was either depleted of or at the very end of producing, recoverable natural gas

The geological characteristics of the underground porous rock formations in the reservoir allow natural gas to be stored safely and accessed efficiently.

Accident Storage Field Map
  •   Natural Gas Storage
  •   Natural Gas Pipeline
  •   City

Accident has 72 working wells operating in its storage field. An additional 12 wells are used for monitoring purposes only.

Three working pipelines, totaling approximately nine miles, carry natural gas into and out of the storage field and to and from the Texas Eastern Transmission system. Numerous smaller lateral pipelines connect each well to the three working pipelines.

Accident’s compressor station houses two natural gas-fired compressor units with a combined 11,000 horsepower that provide the necessary boost to move natural gas between the storage field and Texas Eastern system. The compressor units operate during injection – moving natural gas into the storage field, and during withdrawal from storage – moving natural gas to the Texas Eastern system.

For assistance with operational problems or in an emergency, please call the Accident Station during normal working hours 301-723-4550 or the Holbrook Station Operator after hours/weekends 724-428-3501.

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