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Market Hub Partners - Moss Bluff

Located in Liberty County, Texas, the Moss Bluff salt cavern storage facility provides natural gas producers, shippers and end users 21.7 Bcf of working capacity.

Moss Bluff, a salt cavern storage facility, offers the flexibility of six interconnections with five major pipelines to reach a variety of markets.

Market Hub Partners - Moss Bluff Storage Map
  •   Natural Gas Pipeline
  •   Natural Gas Storage
  •   City

Our ability to inject and withdraw into the cavern several times a day means we can meet virtually any customer need - tailoring our services to meet growing natural gas requirements.

Service Offerings

  • Twelve-turn service
  • Parking/loaning
  • Wheeling
  • Peaking services for electric generation facilities
  • Balancing

Market determination for pipeline interconnects - rates for interconnects are standalone, not rolled in.

For assistance with operational problems or in an emergency, please call Market Hub Partners - Moss Bluff 936-336-8761.

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