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Atlantic Bridge Project

The Atlantic Bridge Project will transport significant and diverse natural gas supplies to the New England states and the Canadian Maritime provinces and is expected to provide reliability of energy throughout the region and to help generate savings for homeowners, businesses, and manufacturers.

The Atlantic Bridge Project is designed to provide additional capacity on our Algonquin Gas Transmission and Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline systems to move reliable, economical natural gas into New England and to specific end use markets in the Canadian Maritime provinces targeting an initial in-service date in November 2017.

  •   Project Path
  •   Regional Supply Path
  •   Texas Eastern Transmission
  •   Algonquin Gas Transmission
  •   Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline
  •   City
  • Project Status

  • Evaluation
  • Signed Agreements
  • Regulatory Review
  • Regulatory Approval
  • Under Construction
  • In-Service
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