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Defining The Easement

In order for us to cross private and public land with the pipeline, certain property interests must be obtained from the landowner.

These interests are contained in a document called a grant of easement. The grant of easement provides us with the necessary rights to construct, operate and maintain the pipeline facilities authorized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

After the amount of compensation to be paid by us to the landowner is agreed upon, the landowner signs the easement document, which is then placed on record at the county registry of deeds. The rights and responsibilities described in the document "run with the land" and remain effective with future owners.

The grant of easement conveys to us the use of the right of way, but the actual fee for ownership of the property remains with the landowner. Because the pipeline is buried, the landowner may resume use of the surface of the right of way after construction and restoration, subject to some limitations discussed in the Use of the Pipeline Right of Way section.

Property needed for any aboveground facilities, such as compressor stations, meter stations and valve sites, is usually purchased outright, that is, "in fee," by the pipeline company.

Right of way

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