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Our Process

Natural Gas Pipeline Planning

The goal of any new pipeline project is to make connections-from major natural gas supply basins to communities that need the natural gas to power and heat homes and businesses.

To do so, we look for the most efficient, environmentally friendly routes by examining proposed routes from a variety of perspectives.


To gain a big picture overview of the proposed route, we employ high-tech satellite imagery and aerial photographs. We take care to avoid environmentally sensitive regions and areas of large population and take advantage of existing infrastructure, like transmission rights of way and interstates and highways.


We also examine proposed routes at the local level. Our engineers walk the route to gain an understanding of the topography and natural growth. We carefully select pipe sizes and coatings based on environmental conditions to ensure the safety and integrity of the pipeline.


One of the most important steps in pipeline design is gathering input from the community. In community meetings, we discuss with local leaders and landowners their interests and concerns, and coordinate with local, state and federal agencies to identify sensitive areas, such as wetlands and historical and cultural sites.

Through these techniques, we are able to develop pipeline routes that minimize impact on the environment and communities.

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