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Our Process

Defining The Right of Way

Once the grant of easement is signed, we obtain access to the "right of way," the corridor in which the pipeline is to be built.

Typically, we will require a 50-foot-wide permanent right of way. When the pipeline is constructed, temporary workspace, usually 50 feet wide, will be needed adjacent to and along the permanent right of way. In certain areas, additional temporary workspace may be required to create safe working environments or to accommodate special crossing techniques required by permit conditions.

These areas may include cultivated farm fields and rocky or sloping terrain, as well as road, stream, railroad or wetland crossings. Our right to use these temporary workspace areas typically expires upon completion of right of way restoration and the “temporary” space will be allowed to revert back to a natural state, for the most part.

The “permanent” right of way will need to remain clear of most obstructions to provide both a visual safety reminder of utilities in the area, as well as ready access to the area for company personnel performing regular maintenance or other activities.

Employee on a right of way

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